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Cremation products

The funerary urn is used to hold the ashes after cremation. Once again, prices vary depending on the details and materials used… bronze, wood, marble, granite, clay, porcelain, glass, metal, acrylic, etc. Urns can be placed in a cemetery lot or in a columbarium niche. Reliquaries are miniature versions of traditional urns. They contain the ashes of the deceased or a lock of hair. The use of reliquaries allows several members of the family to keep some of the ashes after cremation.

The models shown are only a small sample of our inventory! Speak with one of our counsellors if you want more information about our selection.

(The selection shown here can vary depending on what our suppliers have on hand.)

Cremation does not limit your options for commemorating the life of your loved one. A viewing and/or ceremony with the coffin present or a gathering and/or ceremony with the urn in the room can be arranged. This depends on whether the cremation takes place before or after the funeral. A reception for relatives and friends can also take place after the ceremony. Some people decide to have the cremation take place immediately and do without the viewing and the ceremony (cremation alone).



Parchemin Nouveau

New Parchment



Tête de Cheval

Horse head

Clé de Sol

Treble Clef

Mains et chapelet

Rosary and Hands

Cabane à sucre

Sugar Shack

Le Phare et la Mer

Lighthouse and the Sea

Soleil Éternel

Eternal Sun