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Historique du centre Bissonnette

In 1945, brothers René and Raymond Bissonnette arrived from Lauzon, Québec, to acquire Arsène Michaud’s funeral home in Rimouski. A few years later, they bought the funeral home in Mont-Joli owned by Mr. Mercier. His son, Vincent Mercier, became their manager. Then in the early 1990s, René Bissonnette bought up all the shares held by his brother Raymond, who was ready to retire.

Lise Proulx had served the company as accountant and family counsellor from 1978 on. Upon Raymond Bissonnette’s retirement, she was promoted, becoming the firm’s general manager. In 1996, René Bissonnette’s second wife died, leaving him in ill health and less passionate about his work. After dedicating his whole life to the company, he chose to retire and leave the field entirely. At the venerable age of 80, he decided to sell the company to his partner of 30 years, Lise Proulx. Successfully meeting this new challenge, Ms. Proulx accompanied bereaved families respectfully and with dignity at all times.

In 2006, Ms. Proulx’s husband, who had joined her in the business a few years earlier, was struck by cancer. In 2008, the decision was made to sell the company since her husband could no longer return to work.

So in 2008, Harris Gleeton and his son Dan Gleeton became the new owners of Centre funéraire Bissonnette. By appointing Amélie Canuel as general manager, they indicated their desire to continue to improve the services offered to families in mourning.

Raymond bissonnette

Founder : Monsieur Raymond Bissonnette

René bissonnette

Founder : Monsieur René Bissonnette

The Gleeton Family

The years go by... but we’re still here for you...

A family business from the very first, Réseau HG Division funeral homes continue to serve families on the Gaspé Peninsula and in the Lower St. Lawrence.

Three generations of the Gleeton family (Wellington, Harris and Dan) have now held the helm in turn with the same professionalism and determination. Their sole objective – providing attentive and caring support to people in mourning when they need it most.

Today, Réseau HG Division, continuing in its pursuit of excellence, meets the highest standards in the field.

For people living in the Gaspé and Lower St. Lawrence, the name Gleeton is synonymous with trust, know-how and loyalty.

La famille Gleeton

The various services we offer speak eloquently of our focus on the human dimension and of the core values of our company: Respect, Dignity and Discretion. In practical terms this is exemplified by a network of professional services available throughout a vast territory at more than thirty funeral homes.

Maison Funéraire Harris Gleeton inc. came into being in 1987. Thereafter, in 1996, the company’s owner, Harris Gleeton, joined forces with Doris Langlois, becoming a shareholder in Salons Funéraires Henri Thibodeau in New-Richmond. For Mr. Gleeton, this acquisition would not be the last; in 1999, he took over ownership of Résidences Funéraires Valère Fortin inc. in Gaspé.

In June 2004, the ambitions of the Gleeton family paused for a while when Mike (the son and brother of the company’s owners) died tragically in a car accident.

Three years later, in December 2006, Harris Gleeton and his son Dan acquired Salons Funéraire JF Fortin et Fils in Chandler, making another dream come true. But again, this wasn’t the last expansion; in 2008, they took on another challenge by acquiring Salons Funéraires Bissonnette et frères in Rimouski. And three years later, Harris and Dan established a new funeral home, Centre Funéraire Simplicité. This new entity offers a range of funeral services to a clientele seeking to pay simple but inspired homage to their deceased loved one. In 2013, the Gleeton family, sole owner of its steadily expanding network of enterprises, acquired Funérarium JB in Rimouski.

At their various companies, Harris and Dan Gleeton employ a staff of 100 full- and part-time workers.

In addition to offering a variety of services, the enterprise also has its own tombstone manufacturing plant , the goal being to provide all services under a single roof.

Over the years, Maison Funéraire Harris Gleeton inc. has become ever more open to the world, successfully adapting to the needs of its clients, to their family priorities, financial situations and beliefs.

Building on our experience and reputation, our institution is reliable and worthy of your trust.


  • Mike Gleeton
    Mike Gleeton
  • Harris Gleeton
    Harris Gleeton


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    Carole Massé
  • Brigitte Côté
    Brigitte Côté
  • Roger Thériault
    Roger Thériault
  • Maurice Lavoie
    Maurice Lavoie
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    Alphonse Gagnon
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    Réal Gagné
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    Maurice Tardif
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    Gaétan Desrosiers
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    Donald Imbeault
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    Jean De champlain
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